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With a history dating back to 1853, WMF, or Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, is a German company renowned for its high-quality kitchenware, cutlery, and household items. Their journey began as Straub & Schweizer, and through innovation and design, they evolved into a leading brand.

They've played a significant role in German heritage, with their silver-plated tableware winning medals at the 1862 London World Exhibition. They haven't stopped innovating, even founding their own glassworks in 1880.

Today, WMF offers a comprehensive range of products, from cookware and cutlery to coffee makers and kitchen gadgets. Their focus on functionality, aesthetics, and top-notch materials like Cromargan® stainless steel ensures their products are built to last. So, if you're looking for a trusted brand with a rich history and a commitment to quality, then WMF is definitely worth considering.

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