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Godiva is a prestigious Belgian chocolate brand with a rich history that began in 1926.

The name “Godiva” originates from the legendary figure of Lady Godiva. According to legend, Lady Godiva was an 11th-century British noblewoman who rode naked through the streets of the city, covered only by her long hair, to protest her husband’s oppressive tax burden. 

The founder of Godiva Chocolates, Joseph Draps, chose the name to symbolize his commitment to producing chocolates of exceptional quality and indulgence. The name “Godiva” conveys a sense of luxury, elegance, and a timeless story of bravery. It has become synonymous with the brand’s reputation for fine Belgian chocolates and has helped shape Godiva’s identity and legacy as a renowned chocolatier. 

Godiva chocolates are made using traditional Belgian methods, with an emphasis on handcrafting and attention to detail. The brand sources only the finest cocoa beans and other ingredients to ensure an exquisite taste experience in every bite.

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