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Hamburg Merchants since 1922

Winter, Reisner & Co. (GmbH & Co.) KG is a traditional, medium-sized wholesale and foreign trade company founded in Hamburg in 1922 by the Viennese businessman Wilhelm Winter. Between 1957 and 2017, the company was lead by Bernhard Winter. In the summer of 2017, his daughter, Janine Winter, assumed the leadership role.

Today, we cater to medium-sized companies and corporations, offering a diverse range of products. In the course of these endeavors, we excel in handling complex procurement tasks and overcoming logistical challenges with ease and expertise

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Export of Industrial Goods


Ship Equipment

For several decades, our company has maintained excellent relationships with trading partners worldwide. Based on these relationships, the business lines industry, wholesale and marine equipment have all developed over time. Our competence and our network are therefore multisectoral.


Krohnskamp 60-62
22301 Hamburg


Tel +49 40 650 33 69 0
Fax +49 40 650 33 69 31

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