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Iittala logo

Iittala is firmly rooted in Finland and unmistakably represents the Nordic lifestyle. The company’s history began with a small glass factory in Iittala, Finland. Over time, Iittala has grown into an internationally renowned brand. 

They were among the first companies to combine function and form with progressive Nordic design. Thoughtful, functional, and visually appealing design led to Iittala’s breakthrough in the early years of modernism and functionalism.

The Iittala glass factory has an international reputation as a glass expert. The knowledge of glass production has been accumulated for over a century and is constantly expanding through innovative work. In Iittala’s glasses, you will find colors and shapes that fascinate you with their uniqueness.

Iittala_2023_Aalto Collection_tray300x220mm_glass28cl_glass20cl_12cl (3).jpg
Iittala_2018_Making-of-Aalto_2 (1).jpg
Iittala_Kartio_tumbler (1).jpg
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