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The history of Fiskars begins around 1630 with an ironworks in Antskog.
They manufactured nails, threads, knives, hoes, iron wheels, and other products until the Julin family took over. When Finland's first cutlery factory was established in Fiskars in 1832, the product range expanded from knives to forks and scissors. The Julin family had Finland's first steam engine manufactured a short time later. The family was also committed to the social needs of its employees and built a school and a hospital in the village. 

Fiskars had a significant influence not only on the development of agriculture in that village but in the whole of Finland. The Fiskars plow factory produced over one million plows in its heyday. The name Fiskars has always been a trademark and stands for high quality. In the 19th century, Fiskars developed the world's first scissors with a plastic handle. Nowadays, orange handles are a trademark of Fiskars products.

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