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At Winter, Reisner & Co, we offer services from financing to logistics and manage our projects from start to finish. Purchasing organization One of our core competencies is purchasing commercial and industrial goods from all over the world. Our employees are able to procure a vast range of goods - from branded watches to mini power plants. Project and foreign trade financing We carry out extensive financing activities to realize projects and transactions. Entering new markets, working with foreign partners, and transporting large quantities of goods worldwide are risky for many companies. However, our financial strategy has been designed to secure such ventures. We secure trade transactions through various forms of payment protection. These include: - Documentary letters of credit - Bank guarantees - Documentary collections - Export credit insurance The effectiveness of such applications depends on your precise and cost-efficient execution. We ensure this through our specifically trained and experienced staff. Contract Management For domestic and international transactions, we offer our clients flexibility in terms of payment and delivery terms. In doing so, we aim to secure our business relationships by continuously applying efficient contracts. Logistics A fundamental prerequisite for realizing the full value-added potential of foreign trade activities is establishing a functioning supply chain. We pay close attention to the efficient dovetailing of internal and external activities to ensure punctual deliveries. To organize global procurement activities flexibly and, above all, cost-effectively, we are able to bundle the capacities of differently positioned transport companies.


Ship Equipment

The cruise industry continues to grow. Winter Reisner & Co equips shipping companies worldwide with luxury and consumer goods. Onboard Retail Steadily rising passenger numbers mean that onboard sales of consumer goods are becoming increasingly important as a sales market for us. Accordingly, we continue expanding our activities in the cruise and ferry sectors. We are working closely with our suppliers to place their products and brands in onboard sales on all the world's oceans. We apply clear strategies and our full range of services to create the necessary incentives for our customers. Onboard restaurants & hotel operations For first-class onboard restaurant operations, we supply our customers with commodities such as tableware, glasses, crystal, cutlery, and kitchen accessories. We procure towels, bed linen, hangers, and much more for the onboard hotel business. Here we adjust product mixes and quality standards as follows: - In consultation with customers, we select products that match the CI of the shipping company as well as the profile of the ship. - We adapt the goods to the customer's design language and organize engraving, logo printing, and embroidery. - For certain product groups, new and exclusive productions are possible. Through our experience in international trade since 1922, we have developed strong competencies in merchandise sourcing, logistics, and marketing/distribution. By applying these competencies, we create clear price advantages and organizational relief for our maritime trading partners.


Luxury and Consumer Products

Winter, Reisner & Co. has been trading worldwide since 1922, uniting cultures and people worldwide. The success of our General Trading business segment is based on a clear and strategic combination of various components, which can be divided into the four areas of purchasing/sales, finance, legal, and logistics. Purchasing and Sales Our active business includes: -The development of trade flows. -Numerous visits to trade fairs throughout the year. -Investment in significant business tours to develop new suppliers and customers. Finance Financing of procurement activities Financing of transport orders Risk hedging of transactions through the targeted use of documentary letters of credit, documentary collections, etcetera. Legal Exploration of import guidelines and codes of various countries Our employees deal with all components of international trade law relevant to the import/export business (e.g., UN sales law, EU law, or the regulations of the various target countries). Logistics By cooperating with several globally operating transport companies, we can bundle the capacities of differently positioned service providers. Our logistics and purchasing strategy is structured with flexibility so that we can react quickly to any disruptions or delivery problems.


Procurement for the Industry

For the supply of industrial goods, we focus on cooperation with long-standing partners in developing countries. It is here that our expertise in securing international transactions generates the most significant added value. Our activities also contribute considerably to economic development in our target countries. 2007 - Ten custom trucks built on MAN chassis for a mining company in Angola. - Various compressors for a road construction company in Mali. 2008 - Twelve firefighting vehicles manufactured in Germany for a state government in Nigeria. - Thirty-one Komatsu construction machines for a state government in Nigeria. - Fifty new cars for a trading company in Nigeria. 2009 - Twenty-four Demag overhead traveling cranes for a state government in Nigeria. - Three service vehicles built to customer specifications for a state government in Nigeria. - Two workshop trucks and workshop equipment for a state government in Nigeria. - KSB pumps and accessories for a state government in Nigeria. - Seven mini power plants (1 MW) for a state government in Nigeria. - Thirty-six generators (12 - 350kVA) for a state government in Nigeria. 2010 - Forty mini power plants (0.5 & 1 MW) for a state government in Nigeria. 2011 - Ten containerized mini power plants (1.6 MW) for a state government in Nigeria. - Various agricultural equipment for two state governments in Nigeria.


With our experience and highly trained staff, we offer world-class capabilities in structuring domestic and international trade transactions. Every day, we assess the opportunities and risks of international business, manage purchasing and ensure the timely delivery of goods worldwide.


In addition to the skills of our people, our success is based on our trading network, which we have been developing since 1922.

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